Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?

You can pay with cash and card at all three of our pick-up points. If you are placing an online reservation, payment with iDEAL is also possible.

I found a bike at ‘assortment’ but not at ‘reservation’, what does that mean?

Whenever a bike, or other item, is not shown at the reservation-page, it is not possible to reserve the item. This is because some items are limited in numbers..

Can I make use of free luggage delivery?

Groups that consist of 20 people or more will get a free luggage delivery. Please mention this at point 4, “remarks”, when placing a reservation..

Is it possible to place a reservation at the point of ferry arrival??

When you choose “Veerdam” at “reservations” you can collect your bike at the point of ferry arrival.

How many children fit in a carrier cycle??

The carrier bike is suitable for a maximum of 2 children. There are security belts for each child.

How many children fit in a kidcar?

The kidkar is suitable for a maximum of 2 children. There are security belts for each child.

I have made a reservation, but I didn’t get a confirmation yet. How is this possible?

Normally reservations are being processed at the end of the working day. At the moment of confirmation, you should accordingly receive an email which states that your reservation is confirmed. Did you not get an email? Please check your spambox. It’s not uncommon that our email ends up in the recipient’s spambox.

I cannot make a reservation at the date I have specified.?

We do have bikes available upon collection but it is not possible to reserve a bike for this period.

I will arrive with the boat of 6:30 am.

Veerdam will not be open by then. From 8:00 am you are welcome at Fietsenverhuur Soepboer in the village of Schiermonnikoog.

I would like to have my bike delivered, is that possible?

In order to get your bike delivered please press “reservations” followed by “Soepboer”. At “rental points” you choose “deliveries”.
For the delivery of 10 bikes or less, usually no costs are being charged. Is the number of bikes you want to have delivered greater then 10? Please contact us.

I would like to extend the rental period of my bike, is that possible?

Usually this is possible. Please come by before, or, on the last day of your renting period in order to arrange the matter . This might not be applicable given another reservation for the following day.

Can I return my bike at a different rental point?

Unfortunately this is not possible given the permit that is needed concerning Veerdam reservations.

Is it possible to cancel a reservation?

In case of cancellation of a prepaid reservation, we are forced to charge €2.50 administration costs. Cancellations can be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Can we fasten our own Maxi-Cosi into a kidcar??

Our kidcars are not suitable for Maxi-Cosi’s. The carrier cycle “Cabby” does fit a Maxi-Cosi, this cycle is to be found in our assortment.

Do you have group discounts?

Groups that consist of 20 people or more will get a 10% discount rate. The discount rate is only applicable on bicycles with a coaster-brake and our cheapest bike with gears. The discount will be processed upon your arrival.

Can I put my dog in a carrier cycle?

It is prohibited to transport your dog in a carrier bike. Instead, we have special dogcarts and dog carrier bikes. You can find those in our assortment

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Generally you do not have to pay a deposit. But, when you decide to rent an electrical bike for more than one day, you do have to pay a deposit of 20 euro for the charger we will provide you with. However, we are always entitled to request a deposit!

When do I have to return my bike?

Please return your bike before 6:00 pm, in case you have rented a bike at one of our collection points in the village. When you have rented a bike at the Veerdam, please return it half an hour before ferry departure (latest option is 7:30pm).

What is the minimum and maximum age allowance of a child to use the children’s tandem ?

Minimum age is approximately 4 years. Maximum age is approximately 7 years.